jose garcia huidobro studied industrial design at the royal collage of art in london 2007 – 2009. that’s where we met and that’s where i got to know him. he invited me over to visit him on his island on the river thames near brentford called ‘lot’s ait’. he literally squatted lot’s ait, lived on a boat and lived his vision and life.

all shot on 35mm, 6x7cm and 4×5″ analog film

from 35mm available in 70 x 46.5 cm edition of 5, 120 x 80 cm edition of 4 and 180 x 120 cm edition of 3

from 6×7 cm available in 70×60 cm edition of 5, 120×103 cm edition of 4 and 180×154 cm edition of 3

from 4×5″ available in 180×144 cm edition of 3, 120×96 edition of 4, 70×56 cm edition of 5